Do you sell your mockups?

Currently, no. We only use our mockups for in-house use.
If you are a mockup/scene creator and are interested in working with us to create and sell our mockups, please get in touch with us.


General Help

We include a help file in all of our templates to cover the basics. If you run into difficulties using Adobe Indesign we advice you use the Adobe help, they have everything from tutorials, troubleshooting and a support center. If you need help specific to a template you are using and have already consulted the help file included with the product you can contact us here



All refund requests are handled by Creative Market.


Do I need Photoshop or Indesign?

All of our templates are clearly labelled 'for use with Adobe Indesign' or for use with 'Adobe Photoshop'. If you buy an Indesign template it will not work with Photoshop and vice versa. Generally speaking, our print projects (magazines, brochure, portfolios etc) will be created in Adobe Indesign, whereas our digital products (social media packs etc) will be created in Adobe Photoshop.


Why aren't your print templates available in Photoshop?

Because Photoshop was designed to edit photos rather than design layouts. The idea behind Studio Standard is to give our customers the level of work they could expect from a design studio. Using the wrong software to create means a lower quality product.


Can you customize my template for me?

Get in touch for custom enquiries