Media/Press Kit

Media/Press Kit


Streamline your enquiry process with this beautiful Media Kit. A Media Kit is also know as a Press Pack, a Services Guide or a Price Guide. If you’re a creative or an entrepreneur you’ll need one. 

As a creative, you can spend a lot of time answering questions like ‘how much do you charge for ‘x’? or ‘Do you offer ‘Y’? A good media kit helps answer those repeat questions in a beautiful and engaging way but is also a fantastic way of establishing yourself and your brand with a prospective client. A media kit helps someone that knows nothing about your brand understand who you are, what you do, who you’ve done it for, what they say and how much it costs.

The Media kit we’ve designed contains 16 slides designed and editable in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign. Everything is fully editable and we’ve designed it in 2 sizes; US Letter and A4. Replace the content with your own and either send it to print or save it as a pdf and email it.

Includes —

  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC

  • 2 sizes: A4, US letter

  • 16 Slides

  • 2 cover versions

  • Paragraph, Character and Object Styles 

  • Edit brand colors through palette   

  • Aligned to a Column and Baseline Grid 

  • Master Pages 

  • Images, Text and Background on separate layers 

  • Uses free fonts 

  • Help File 

  • Photographs Not Included

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